How to add funds to your StockBasket account

Adding funds to StockBasket account is a very simple process all you need to follow are these simple steps: Step 1: Login to your StockBasket Account. Step 2: Click on Add Funds button, you will be redirected to the Pay In page, select the segment (ex. CASH/FO/CUR), your preferred bank […]

How to Sell a basket through StockBasket app?

StockBasket’s investing philosophy says that you need to invest in good stocks and stay invested for the long term. This can help you to start your wealth creation journey and help you achieve all your financial goals early. But even though you need your money due to some emergency or […]

How to Invest through StockBasket App?

StockBasket is India’s first long-term buy and hold investment platform. It can be considered as one of the easiest ways of investing in the stock markets and creating wealth. It is an expert-selected basket of stocks which you can invest in just one click. So let’s see how can one […]

Everthing about StockBasket SIP

Before talking about what is StockBasket SIP, let us first discuss about Equity SIP Equity SIP is the process of investing periodically in equities via SIP, this is similar to the Mutual Fund SIP. Now let us have a look at StockBasket SIP: What is StockBaset SIP? StockBasket, as you […]

How to start a StockBasket SIP?

StockBasket – India’s first long-term buy and hold investment platform is changing the way, retail investors invest in stocks, and to further inculcate the habit of invest regularly it has a feature of StockBasket SIP which will help retail investors to invest in StockBasket in monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly […]

StockBasket Pricing

With the StockBasket research team to look after your investment throughout your tenure of investment. You must be wondering about the huge fees StockBasket must be charging, you will be surprised to hear how affordable StockBasket fees are! There are 3 types of fees: Buying a StockBasket is absolutely free! […]

How to Buy a StockBasket?

StockBasket is an expert-curated basket of stocks to help investors grow their wealth in the long term period. With one-click go integrated application making you buy and sell StockBasket at much ease Here are 3 simple steps to follow to start on your journey of wealth generation. Download StockBasket from […]