EOD – End of Day validity order?

A EoD validity order or ‘Day’ order is an order placed to Buy or Sell that automatically expires or is automatically cancelled if the order is not executed on the day it was placed. It is one of several different duration order types that determines how long the order is […]

Market Protection Percentage in Market Orders

Market order is a type of order where one wishes to buy or sell scrip immediately at best available current market price. In Market Order execution of order is guaranteed (provided enough depth is available) but the execution price may vary.The biggest risk of market orders is the execution at […]

Executed Order & Brokerage on Executed orders

Understanding Order ExecutionWhen a pending order is matched and a trade takes place, its status changes to an Executed order. So long as the order is not traded at all, it remains pending, but as soon as it gets even partially traded, it is an executed order. As discussed in […]