How to Subscribe to CashPlus for Equity Delivery Leverage?

Usually, NRML Orders which enable traders to initiate carry forward positions are restricted in the Cash Segment i.e. NSE-EQ and BSE-EQ. However, with SAMCO’s unique CashPlus product offering, clients can initiate positional trades in the Cash Segment by activating the NRML order type.Clients can avail Equity Delivery leverage in over 300+ […]

What is 2FA or Two Factor Authentication?

In Today’s world of increased online fraud and cyber crime. Security of online accounts has gone for a toss. IT companies come up with ways to tackle this frauds or scams and only provide access to accounts after verifying the identity.Now to verify the owner of a particular bank or […]

How to check your past historical trades with SAMCO?

This article will demonstrate how you can check you trade history. Historical trades, All your contract notes, etc, everything is available in your Star SAMCO Back office.Step 1) Visit – The SAMCO Back Office Step 2) Click on the “Report” button in the back office menu and then click […]