How to trade using the StockNote App?

StockNote is one of the simplest and quickest apps to trade in the stock and commodity market in India. It provides the user with a seamless and hassle free trading experience. In the app there is no need to place order only after adding the respective script to the watchlist. […]

How to Transfer or Withdraw funds using StockNote

Using the StockNote app you can transfer and withdraw funds from and to your SAMCO account with the touch of a button.To transfer or withdraw funds, first click on the Accounts Option on the bottom right of the app after logging in the app.Then Click on the “Manage Funds” button […]

How to Check Holdings in StockNote App?

The StockNote App provides the holding in the app itself along with the average buying price!! Now there is no need to login to your back office for checking the buying rates.To check your holdings, after logging in the app, click on the Accounts Tab on the bottom right corner of […]

Charting Experience with StockNote

Now there is no need to refer to desktop applications for viewing and trading through the charts. StockNote offers the best charting tools of the world in the mobile app itself. It offers various chart types like Candles, Bar, Line, Mountain charts, etc. It provides more than 100 types of […]

Alerts in Stock Note

Alerts in the Stock Note app is a very unique proposition that is not available in any other app in India. You can not just put alerts when the stock reaches a particular price but also use the alerts to trade. Yes! Its possible only through Stock Note Alerts. To […]

Viewing FIFO based Purchase Price of Holdings

Our customers often face the problem of how Historical Purchase prices of holdings can be seen from the Back Office. This can be done by utilising the SAMCO STAR Family Back Office utility.The following steps should be carried out Go the FAMILY ADMIN Menu Option in the SAMCO STAR Back Office Enter […]