How to check holdings in SAMCO NEST Trader?

The shares held in your demat and trading account with SAMCO Securities can also be checked in the SAMCO Nest Trading terminal. In the SAMCO Trader, on the menu options in toolbar select -> “View Order/ Trade Reports” -> “View Holdings/Collateral Values” This shall open a new window pop-up with the […]

How to Place Buy Order in SAMCO NEST Trader?

On the market watch, select the scrip which one wishes to buyFor example in the above screenshot, if some body wishes to buy Reliance Industries, move the cursor to the Reliance scrip. The selected scrip would be highlighted by a white border.After the selection of the scrip, there are various ways to […]

How to apply for Online IPO through ASBA?

Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the time when a company for the first time applies for listing its shares on the stock exchanges. Anyone who has a demat account can apply for the shares in the IPO. In earlier days a physical application form along with a cheque was required to be […]

What is a MIS Order in trading in stock market?

All the buy and sell orders have been divided into different product types to differentiate the orders. The 5 types of product types are as follows: MIS (Margin Intraday Square up) CNC orders (Cash N Carry) NRML orders (Normal Margin) Cover Orders Bracket Orders The Full form of MIS orders is […]