How can I convert positions on SAMCO NEST Trader?

Before we proceed, refer this article on what is position conversion in trading?Existing positions are the open positions which are bought under different product types like MIS orders – For intraday trades in Equity & Derivatives CNC orders – For Equity Delivery Trades NRML orders – For Carry Forward Trades in […]

Position Conversion in Trading

What is Position Conversion in trading? Position conversion is defined as an act of converting trades from their original product type and intent. For instance, if intraday trades are converted to positional carry forward trades, this shall be an act of position conversion and so on.While trading with SAMCO, to assist […]

How to check historical charts on NEST Trader?

There are 2 kinds of charts available for technical analysis in the SAMCO NEST Trader – Intraday Charts and Historical Charts. For intraday charts, check our article on How to check Intraday charts in SAMCO NEST Trader. This article answers the question of how to view historical charts in the NEST Trader? In the SAMCO […]

How to check Intraday charts on Nest Trader?

This article answers the question of how to view intraday charts in the NEST Trader?In the SAMCO NEST Trader, a trader can get access to a minute by minute intraday chart. This is of great utility for intraday trading. This facility is provided under NEST Plus Charts service. While logging in for the very […]