How to Set up Your Website via SmartCom?

Steps: Website using via SmartCom: In the modern age where everything has gone digital it is really important for an IFA to have an online presence where they can talk about themselves and generate more leads. With SmartCom you can create your own website where you can ask users to […]

How to Navigate Through the All New CRM?

Steps to Navigate Through the All New CRM Here is a quick step-by-step reference on how a partner can utilise the new CRM to the best of its potential to increase conversions. Step 1: Login to your dashboard and click on CRM. This is how the first view of the […]

Types of RankMF Baskets – A Unique Way of Investing

Do you remember the saying,‘Too many cooks spoil the soup’!  Well, this is exactly what’s happening with an investors mutual fund portfolio.  Investors today are constantly searching for funds that provide higher returns. In this process, they end up investing in 20-30 different mutual fund schemes. This leads to over-diversification which […]

How to Set Financial Goals? – The Best Strategy

Remember as a kid how we used to save our pocket money to buy a new bat or cycle? While unknowingly, we were setting up financial goals. As we grew up, our financial goals also changed. Buying a car, clearing student loans, buying a home, saving for a dream vacation […]

SmartSIP FAQs – Common Investor Questions about SmartSIPs

Individual investors who want to invest in the equity markets are often worried about market volatility. Hence, they prefer to invest in mutual funds via Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). SIPs are a great way to balance market volatility. SIPs also provide superior rupee cost averaging. In a regular SIP, a fixed amount is […]

How to Analyse a Mutual Fund For a Profitable Investment

Most investors aim to diversify their investments to reduce overall risk. For this, they use multiple investment options like FDs, PPF, Insurance policies, Mutual funds etc. Out of all these investment options, mutual funds have become quite popular among retail investors. But mutual funds are often advertised as complex investment products. Fortunately, […]

RankMF is the Only Credible Research Platform for Mutual Funds

Don’t be shocked. It’s a fact that globally 85% of mutual funds underperform their benchmark over a 10-year period. Larry Swedroe who is the author of the book The Incredible Shrinking Alpha, states that after 10 years 85% of large-cap funds underperformed the S&P 500, and after 15 years nearly 92% are […]

The Great Indian Budget Guide 2021

The Union Budget is just a few hours away from us now. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman wants to see a budget never seen before in the last 100 years.What will the budget be? Will she cut income tax rates? How will she bridge the gap between income and expenditure? Will […]