CashPlus Independence Day Offer

In this 75th Year of Independence, we are running an offer for samco clients, get Flat 50% off on a Cashplus subscription. What is CashPlus? Samco offers a host of leverage products to investors and traders, one of them is CashPlus. CashPlus enhances your equity delivery buying leverage. CashPlus is […]

Introducing GTT orders on Samco

We bet you’ve experienced several instances when your positions corrected severely or soared sharply due to an unexpected announcement regarding the company or situations that prevented you from watching your positions for an extended period.  At times like these, we tend to despair at the missed entries and exits and […]

How to Place a GTT Order on the Samco App?

GTT or Good-Till-Triggered is a type of order that allows you to place buy/sell orders with a lifetime validity through Samco. Now you can enter and exit your F&O and equity delivery positions at the pre-set prices with the help of the GTT feature. Placing a GTT order from the […]

How to setup a Stock SIP on Samco app

STOCK SIP Stock SIP is a simple way to invest in equities. It allows investors to acquire stocks in a systematic (quantity-based) way on a regular basis (monthly). It is the best investment strategy for long-term investors as it enables them to take advantage of the market’s unpredictability by implementing […]