Do stocks that look great, really give you good returns?

Last year, as you might remember, the market witnessed a huge correction during the March-April 2020 period, which was then followed by a sharp turnaround. Almost every listed stock delivered significant returns as more retail participants flocked to the market, following the correction.But the majority of these stocks do not deserve […]

Big brands are not necessarily the best investment choice

Big brands have lost your money!Shocked?! You’ve probably heard of big brands like Hindustan Unilever, Marico, Pidilite, Airtel, Reliance, etc. and think, “there’s no way these companies will ever slow down, and these will continue to make money for me in the long run” And it’s reasonable to think of these well-established […]

What is BTPT? How does BTPT work?

Currently, most brokers insist on paying 100% upfront margins when clients buy stocks for delivery in the cash markets. This is despite the fact that exchanges follow a T+2 settlement cycle where only a part of the margin (usually 20-25%) needs to be settled upfront but the balance (70-75%) can […]