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What is a Depository?

Clarice Mendonsa

As individuals we deposit our hard-earned money in banks and it is considered safe as banks are regulated by Reserve Bank of India. In the same way, depositories help you in storing all your financial assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), certificates of deposits etc. in electronic or Demat form.… Continue reading What is a Depository?

Who is a Depository ?

Chirag Joshi

What is the meaning of a Depository? Depository in simple terms is a institution which holds your securities in a dematerialised form. In this case a Depository is an institution which holds your Shares, Government Bonds, Mutual funds etc on your behalf. Like a Bank is to your Fixed Deposits, Cash and Recurring Deposits, a Depository is to… Continue reading Who is a Depository ?

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