Alerts in Stock Note

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Alerts in the Stock Note app is a very unique proposition that is not available in any other app in India. You can not just put alerts when the stock reaches a particular price but also use the alerts to trade. Yes! Its possible only through Stock Note Alerts.

To set alerts click on the Alert Tab on the main screen of the Stock Note after login.

stock note alerts menu

Click on Set Alert and search the symbol for which you want to set the alert. Eg: PNB

alert search scripts

There are 3 options according to which you wish to set the alerts.

view alerts

Price Alert – Here you can enter the alert in terms of price movement as to the alert should appear if it crosses a particular level. You can also set a trigger order for the alert by clicking on the tick box as shown below.  You can specify to buy or sell, the order type, quantity and price. Thus whenever the price crosses the particular level, an alert will come as a notification in your mobile app (even if you are not logged in). It will also display the order window. You just need to click on submit to place the order.

Volume Alert – You can put an alert if the volume in a particular stock reaches a particular level. Even in this you can put an order alert.

Change Alert – In this you can set the alert to notify you if the price changes from a particular level like LTP or Daily % change.’

alerts - price , volume and charges

You can also the time period for which the alert is valid. You can select from 1 day to 6 months. Thus whenever the price touches the particular level mentioned in the alert it will notify the client.

alert validity

You can view your Set Alerts by going to the main page of Stock Note and then clicking on Alerts. 

view alerts

You can also remove the alerts by clicking on the remove option on the top of the app as shown below.

Remove Alerts

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    1. Greetings, Sir! That’s a really innovative idea. But as of now, the alerts are restricted to the StockNote app. We do have a Whatsapp support line. The number for it is 8452923111. If you any query or issue, please contact us on this number for prompt reply. Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

    1. Dear Rajesh, you can find value-based research article generated by us in the StockNote app. We give out long-term & short-term investment ideas for all our clients. Please do keep a lookout for these snippets from us. Thank you & have a great day! 😀

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