How to transfer fund through UPI in StockNote App

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It gives us immense pleasure to inform everyone that we have started accepting UPI as a mode of payment for Instant Fund Transfers to your SAMCO account. Now, instead of only 20-odd banks which were earlier available for instant fund transfer, now you can transfer from more than 125 registered banks.

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is an initiative by National Payments Corporation of India’s (NPCI). UPI gives you the facility to transfer the fund by your registered bank account with Samco through any of UPI mobile application (BHIM, Paytm, PhonePay or banking mobile app etc.)

Here are the steps to transfer funds using UPI:

In StockNote, Go to > Account Section → Manage Funds

Click on the Transfer Funds

When you reach the fund transfer web page, you will also get UPI in ‘Transfer Type’ as the default option.


Please ensure that the payment is made from your registered bank or else the payment would be rejected

VPA (Virtual Payment address ):- VPA / UPI is a unique identifier that your bank uses to transfer money. You can get this from the UPI mobile app.

Note: – The amount entered by you in amount section should be between Rs.51 To Rs.1,00,000 Max in UPI.

After submission of all the details, you will be redirected to the UPI authorized web page. Please do not close this page nor press the ‘back’ button otherwise your transactions won’t be processed.

On the UPI mobile application, you will get the notification for the amount collected by Atom Technologies. You need to approve the request by clicking on ‘PAY’


To complete this transaction, you need to enter your six/four-digit UPI pin and your fund will be transferred successfully, if all the details are entered correctly.


After getting the ‘Success’ message in UPI mobile app, you will see the same success message by Samco. This web page might take a couple of seconds to reflect the transaction status, so don’t close this page in the processing period.

After completion of all the above-mentioned process, now you will see your transferred fund in Quick Stats under ‘Payin Today’.

Note:  Please ensure that the new transfers are made only from the UPI’s collected request and NOT made using SAMCO’s VPA (For eg: UPI ID- Atom@Hdfcbank). If you make a transfer using Samco’s VPA directly, the money won’t reflect in your balance and you will have to raise a ticket for the credit or refund.

When you transfer funds via the payment gateway, payment gateway charges and applicable service taxes shall be applicable.


  1. Mithlesh kumar

    Why some amount is deducted. When i transfer fund from bank account to stocknote account.

    1. Greetings, Mithlesh! Thank you for getting in touch with us. On successful transaction from your Bank account, the cost associated with it is Rs. 6 per transaction + GST. Please note that these are charged by our Payment Gateway partners – ATOM / Razorpay. You can read all about it on our website. Here’s the link.

      If you have any more queries or issues, feel free to contact us; we’re happy to help you. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a great day ahead!

  2. parth sunil sinha

    I am finding difficulties trnsferring money through upi.And net banking option not given ,why?

    1. Dear Mr. Parth, thank you for getting in touch with us. Please find your registered bank name on our list of banks available for instant fund transfer. If your bank doesn’t exist in the list, you need to transfer the funds via NEFT/RTGS mode.
      Here’s the link to our page.

      We hope this resolves your issue. If you have any more queries or issues, feel free to contact us; we’re happy to help you. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a great day ahead!

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