What are Defensive Stocks?

What are Defensive Stocks? Defensive stocks are those stocks that provide constant dividends and stable earnings regardless of how good or bad the market is performing. These stocks have constant demand in the market, and due to this, they remain stable during the various phases of the business cycle. Remember: Do not […]

Investment allocation at different age

If at any time your savings don’t grow at the same rate as inflation, you are effectively losing the real value of money. Therefore, it is imperative to start investing in appreciating assets yielding higher returns than the rate of inflation in the country. Investment is a decision that abridges […]

Seasonal Investing Strategy

investment strategy shapes the decision that an investor takes for his portfolio based on the expected returns, defined risk appetite, long term goals and the capital. Investment strategies are classified based on their overall objective like regular income, rapid growth, environmental factors, low risk etc, medium-term outlook etc. Here are […]

How to survive the Stock Market crash?

Before knowing about how to survive, Let’s discuss what is a stock market crash/crisis or a bear market? A bear market refers to a broader market (index) decline in asset prices of at least twenty percent from the recent swing highs. More often than not, it creates a panic-like situation […]

Top Sectors for Long Term Investment

With regards to long term investments, it is crucial to invest wisely in those outlays which provide optimum risk component as well as promising returns in the investment horizon. One of the critical strategies to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio is with the help of ‘Sectoral Diversification’. It reduces […]