What is STT – Securities Transaction Tax?

STT or Securities Transaction Tax is a tax payable by Investors & Traders to the Central Government and therefore is categorised as a Regulatory Charge. Introduced in 2004-05, STT has helped simplify taxation on investing & trading in Capital markets in India & for investors, made it tax efficient as well. […]

What is Put Call Ratio?

Put Call Ratio Explained The Put Call Ratio is the number of Put Options traded in a period divided by the number of Call Options traded in a period. It is a popular tool to help investors gauge the overall sentiment of the market. Usually the trading volume is used to compute […]

Trading vs Investing: What you Should Focus on?

  Before you step into the complex world of stockmarkets and it all starts to make sense to you, you should understand the basic difference between trading and investing. New stock market participants often get confused between trading and investing, end up mixing both and ultimately losing money. Let’s understand […]

What are SEBI Fees on Turnover?

SEBI stands for the Securities & Exchange Board of India. SEBI is the market regulator & is entrusted with ensuring that the Interests of the Investors are safeguarded. More details on the powers & functions entrusted with SEBI can be found on our SEBI Page. What are SEBI Charges? Beginning […]

Introduction to the Samco’s Referral Program

About Samco Referral Program Samco offers a unique Refer and Earn program to its existing clients wherein they are rewarded when they refer their friends and family to open an account with Samco. Clients are simply expected to refer a friend or a family to Samco securities who are interested […]

SEBI: What is SEBI, Powers, Role and Functions of SEBI

For every stock market across the world, there is a watchdog which keeps a close eye on the market activities to ensure that the interests of every participant are not impacted by frivolous activities of any other participants. In India, SEBI has been created to ensure that the market activities […]