Trading vs Investing: What you Should Focus on?

  Before you step into the complex world of stockmarkets and it all starts to make sense to you, you should understand the basic difference between trading and investing. New stock market participants often get confused between trading and investing, end up mixing both and ultimately losing money. Let’s understand […]

What are SEBI Charges on Turnover?

SEBI stands for the Securities & Exchange Board of India. SEBI is the market regulator & is entrusted with ensuring that the Interests of the Investors are safeguarded. More details on the powers & functions entrusted with SEBI can be found on our SEBI Page. What are SEBI Charges? Beginning […]

What is SmartSIP? How does SmartSIP Work

In this article you will learn what is SmartSIP, Also understand the difference between real SmartSIP and normal SIPs. is India’s First Mutual fund rating and investment platform to have Real SmartSIP. As technology has improved with time, many mutual fund houses have started offering multiple investment instruments for […]

Sensex 30 Companies

Sensex (also known as the S&P BSE SENSEX) is the index which broadly represents BSE and the market sentiment. The base year is 1978-1979 with a base value of 100. There have been many modification to sensex index since inception. Find below the latest list of companies used to calculate sensex or sensex 30 […]

Types of Dividend

Typically any company is engaged in the value generation for customers in the form of products and services. For the efforts of the company, it charges a small proportion of additional money known as profit. If any generates profits then it could either reinvest profits into the business or it […]

Best Dividend Paying Stocks in India

There are many investors who buy stocks after seeing the dividend history as i) Dividend are tax free in India. ii) Also, it is an additional source of money apart from value appreciation of the stock in consideration. Following list present the best dividend paying stocks in India. While preparing […]