National Stock Exchange of India

NSE, or the National Stock Exchange of India Limited, is India’s leading stock exchange. Established in 1992 and located in Mumbai, this exchange brought a paradigm shift to the Indian financial market right after it had suffered a setback due to an unprecedented scam that hit the Bombay Stock Exchange. […]

STT on Exercised options on expiry day

Save yourself from the STT Trap on Expiry Day! Please square up your in-the money i.e. ITM options expiring today to save yourself from the STT Liability! If you are an Active Options trader than you would have received or heard this message many times. Have you ever tried to […]

Automotive Stocks For Investment

In the last few weeks the Indian stock markets appear to be stagnant. Investors and traders might not be able to decide which stocks to buy for long term and when to enter the market. Well, we can’t predict the exact entry point, but we may help you by presenting […]

Stock Watch : 52 Week Low Stocks Traded on NSE

52 week low is the term which attracts many investors, the moment any stock starts hovering around its 52 week low share price, many smart investors start looking for opportunities to buy the shares of such stocks. If any stock is fundamentally sound and there is no severe negativity about […]

45 Best Auto Ancillary Stocks India

We’re in the mid of 2018 and still you have not identified any sectoral investment idea then this is the article which presents you the best auto ancillary stocks india in 2018 which you could consider for investment purposes. But it is highly recommended that before investing in stocks, conduct […]

164 High Volume Stocks in India

The list below highlights the high volume stocks traded on NSE but if you’re looking for either investment or trading opportunities then just looking the high volume stocks won’t give that much information because if any stocks is trading at Rs 1 and there is a volume of let’s there […]