Best Small Cap Stocks List 2019

There are a large number of small cap stocks listed on Indian Bourses and out of which, many of those stocks are penny stocks. Some of the stocks can turnout to be a multibagger stocks whereas many may remain a penny stock and probably will remain as the small cap […]

Blue Chip Stocks at 52 Week Low Worth Buying

Since the markets have nosedived from the top therefore urging investors and traders to become active and start investing in blue chip companies traded on Indian exchanges. Some of the stocks were near 52 week low.  Nifty went up as high as 11000 and  has come down to 9950 levels thereby […]

What are Tax Saving Mutual Funds?

Taxes on Long Term Capital gains have always sparked interesting conversations and with the recent changes coming into effect, it is all the more important to know the details about these taxes. This article attempts at giving detailed explanations about the taxes on Long term Capital gains along with some […]

Multibagger Indian Stocks for 2020

Any stocks which is not a blue-chip stock and the has given the return of more than 100% in a single year may be considered as a multibagger stock;lets understand it in a bit detail. Usually bluechip stocks don’t grow 100% year on year basis. The growth is always there […]

Nifty PE Ratio

Traditionally the PE ratio of Nifty has been in the line of 10 to 25 since 1999 but in the last one year the PE ratio has been hovering in between 23 to 28. Refer the following table date wise PE ratio of NSE. The following table lists the PE […]

Sensex PE Ratio

What is PE Ratio: P/E Ratio or PE Ratio as they are commonly referred to stand for the Price to Earnings Ratio of a company or a share. In simple terms it helps investors in calculating the price multiple that investors are willing to pay for a company’s earnings. PE […]

Best Indian Stocks for Next 10 Years

Long term investors usually think of best stocks to whenever they google for information on stocks identification for longer investment. Therefore anyone market participant thinks of investing money in the market for longer term then usually the time frame should range in between 3 years to 10 years to get […]

Difference Between a Stock and a Share

In normal parlance, share and stock interchangeably when they talk about stock markets and company ownership. But it is to be highlighted that there is a subtle difference stock and share. Therefore we need to understand so that we can carefully use both the terms as and when required. But […]

Low PE Ratio Stocks in India 2022

PE ratio is an indicator which tells about the valuation of a stock, meaning whether a stock is cheap to buy or costly to buy. Investors usually look for PE ratio to assess the worth of a stock.   PE ratio has an investment significance, companies having the growth trajectory […]