List of Monopoly stocks in India 2022

Have you ever travelled in a train that was not run by the Indian Railways? My guess is No. You see, the Indian Railways enjoys a monopoly in the railway sector. How about stock exchanges? Well, the Bombay Stock Exchange is in a direct competition with the National Stock Exchange. […]

Defence Stocks to buy Now in India 2022

Defence stocks in India are in the limelight after Russia attacked Ukraine. The stock markets are in a bearish phase but there are a few defence stocks which continued their bullish rally. You might be wondering, what might be the reason behind the rally in defence stocks.  Well, the reason […]

SIP vs Lump sum Investments

SIP vs Lump sum – Which One Should You Choose? When you ask an expert if SIP is better or lump sum, he would always tell you that both will work almost the same, you need to make a decision based on which option suits you the best. Well, we […]

Best Retirement Planning Tips for Better Tomorrow

What things do you keep in mind while planning a twenty-day long vacation? I’m sure you would pre-plan everything starting from managing your finances to choosing the best destination. Then why do we not spend enough time planning a twenty-year-long vacation? A twenty-year-long vacation? Well, I’m talking about retirement planning. We […]