What is ASBA? – A Detailed Guide

One of the reasons investing in IPOs have been gaining popularity among retail investors is because of the convenient process provided by ASBA. Are you wondering what is ASBA and how can you invest in an IPO with the ASBA method, then this article is for you. In this article: What […]

What is a Straddle Strategy?

Market is cautious and is trading in very narrow range or the upcoming event will decide the next market move. Do you often hear such confusing statements from market experts and wonder if you should go long or short during such situations? If yes, then in this article we will discuss a […]

What is Securities Transaction Tax (STT)?

There are several charges that an investor has to bear while buying or selling investments from their Demat account. The most popular ones are brokerage charges, Goods and services tax (GST), transaction tax, etc. But the one tax that investors are less aware of is Securities Transaction Tax (STT). In this article […]

A Detailed Guide on Grey Market IPO

You must have seen fluctuating prices denoted in red and green on your trading terminal. But what if I tell you the colour grey also holds a huge significance in the stock markets. It is associated with Initial Public Offers (IPO). Specifically, Grey Market IPO. Let’s understand what is grey market IPO, how it works […]

How to Trade in the Stock Market in 2022: Beginners Guide

Samco Knowledge Center The stock market is considered to be the most profitable investment option for both seasoned investors and beginners. While the internet is filled with information on trading, beginners often have trouble understanding just how to trade in the stock markets. Today, we will provide step-by-step guidance on how to […]

10 Best Tax Saving Options in India in 2022

In our daily lives, we pay tax on everything. From basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter to electricity, internet, movie tickets etc. While we cannot avoid paying taxes, there are various ways through which we can minimise the amount of tax we pay. In this article, we will discuss the 10 […]