6 Biggest Stock Market Investing Myths

It’s fair to say that today most individuals are investing on the basis of herd mentality. We often come across lots of people building stereotypes about the stock markets. One of them is portrayed in the picture below Let me tell you once you separate the fact from fiction, you […]

What is Short Term Investing

Everyone has tried saving for a future expense. Starting from saving for a new cricket bat in a gullak at the age of 8 to opening a saving account to save for a dream bike at the age of 20. We all have been through such phases of life. With […]

What is Long term investing?

Health and wealth are the two most important parts of our lives. If you want to lead a healthier life, exercise is important. Whereas if you want to lead a wealthier life, long term investing is important. But the question that arises is how long is long term investing? And […]