How to Read an Income Statement of a Company

Would you invest in a company just because they are making profits? Does making profit guarantee that the company is good for investment? A balance sheet helps us understand how much debt a company holds. Whereas an Income Statement shows us how much profit it generates to become debt-free. For […]

How to Read a Balance Sheet of a Company

One of the biggest mistakes an investor makes is not taking time to understand their company’s financial statements. A financial statement comprises of three main statements – Balance Sheet Income Statement Cash Flow Statement In our previous article, we understood how to read an Annual Report of a company and […]

How Does a Mutual Fund Work? – A Detailed Explanation

‘We fear what we do not understand’. This quote perfectly sums up the relationship between mutual funds and Indian investors. Mutual fund is probably the most ‘misunderstood’ financial product. Majority of investors believe that mutual funds are too complicated. And what is complicated must be risky. Fortunately, this is not […]

Everything About Short Term Debt Funds in India

If you’ve ever been grocery shopping, then you are aware that everything comes with an expiry date. Green leafy vegetables expire within 1 day. Vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal remain fresh for 3-4 days. Onions and potatoes can remain fresh for months. Debt funds behave in the same manner. The debt […]