10 Must Know Tips & Strategies for IPO Investment in 2022

IPOs have always been popular among retail investors. The recent Burger King IPO listed at a whopping 130.67% up. Similarly, Mrs Bector’s IPO listed at 106.79% up!  Such high gains have made retail investors assume that investing in IPOs will lead to guaranteed returns.  While investing in fundamentally strong companies […]

5 Best Mid cap Mutual Funds in 2022

Mid cap mutual funds are one of the most lucrative types of mutual funds in India. They have generated an average return of 43.95% (as on 27th December 2021) in the last one-year. This is much higher than the 25.85% return of  large-cap funds. But high returns come with high […]

List of EV Stocks in India – 2022

2021 seems to be the year of Electric Vehicle stocks or EV stocks. Even if you are not active in the stock market, it is difficult to miss or ignore the discussion around the Indian EV sector. As per a joint report by Indospace and Colliers, nearly Rs 94,000 crores […]

Best Flexicap Mutual Funds to Invest in 2022

Flexicap Mutual Funds are having a great year. In the last one-year, Flexicap mutual funds have generated an average return of 33.46% (as of 15th December 2021). Indian mutual fund investors are clearly in awe of Flexicap mutual funds. This is visible from the fact that flexi cap mutual funds […]

Best Equity Mutual Funds to invest in 2022

Equity mutual fund is one of the most sought-after type of mutual fund in India. Its popularity is visible through the humongous growth of 58.93% in their Assets under Management (AUM) between June 2020-21. Equity mutual funds offer retail investors an indirect route of investing in the stock market. They […]

Technical Analysis of Stocks 2022

In this article on what is Technical Analysis:  What is Technical Analysis?  The Three Tenets of Technical Analysis  Myths of Technical Analysis  Advantages of Technical Analysis Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis  Basic Terms of Technical Analysis  What Technical Indicators Mean and How to Use Them?  5 Ways to Make Money […]

Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB)?

Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) have changed the way retail investors invest in gold. For centuries, investors believed gold to be a store of value against inflation. However, their preferred mode of investing in gold was limited to gold jewellery and gold coins. This resulted in unnecessarily high making charges, as […]