Corporate Bond Funds – The Good Guys

The Franklin Templeton debt fund default was a big blow to debt fund investors. It changed their entire perception of debt funds. Debt funds were no longer considered as ‘safe’. Investors started moving back to the safety of their bank fixed deposits. But while this saga was unfolding, there was […]

What is Investing?

Did you know that investing was discovered approximately 3,720 years ago?! It was part of the code of Hammurabi. But even after 3,000+ years, the majority of investors still fail to understand what is investing. There is too much confusion between investing, saving and speculation. Some investors believe saving money […]

What are Debt Mutual Funds? – Best Debt Mutual Funds for 2021

What are Debt Funds? –  Meaning of Debt Mutual Funds Debt mutual funds are a type of mutual fund which invests in ‘fixed income’ securities. These fixed income securities can be issued by private, public companies and the government. Fixed income securities include: Treasury Bills Central/State/Municipal bonds Corporate Bonds Certificates […]