Technical Analysis of Stocks 2022

In this article on what is Technical Analysis:  What is Technical Analysis?  The Three Tenets of Technical Analysis  Myths of Technical Analysis  Advantages of Technical Analysis Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis  Basic Terms of Technical Analysis  What Technical Indicators Mean and How to Use Them?  5 Ways to Make Money […]

What are Preference Shares? – Meaning, Types, Advantages and Examples

As the name suggests, preference shares give its holder preferential treatment when it comes to collecting dividends and revenue share. Yes, a preference shareholder gets preference over common equity shareholder when a company declares dividends. Even when a company declares bankruptcy, preference shareholders are paid before common equity shareholders. Despite […]

What is ESG Investing and ESG Funds in India

The full form of ESG investing is Environmental, Social and Governance Investing. Prior to ESG investing, investors used key financial ratios like Price to Earnings, Price to Book Value etc. But investors today are more interested in sustainable living and investing. This is why ESG investing is gaining momentum in India. Investors are no longer […]

What is a Forward Contract?

What is Forward Contract? – How Forward Contract Works & Payoff While forward contracts are not popular among investors and traders today, it is still important for you to understand what are forward contracts as they form the base of futures and options trading. So, what are forward contracts? A […]

What Are Tax-Free Bonds?

Tax-Free Bonds are one of the most sought-after bonds in India. And rightly so. Tax-free bonds help investors earn tax free interest income unlike ordinary bonds and fixed deposit. But what are tax-free bonds? Who issues them? How do tax-free bonds work? These are some of the concepts we will […]

Trading in MCX Crude Oil Futures

In this article, we will cover Crude Oil Futures Definition What is crude oil futures? Usage of Crude oil Futures Factors driving Crude Oil Commodity Prices Quick Facts on Crude Oil Commodity Trading Trading Crude Oil Futures Live on the SAMCO Trading Platforms Brokerage for trading Crude Oil Futures Other […]

What is Put Call Ratio?

In this article, we will cover What is Put Call Ratio? Calculate the NSE Put Call Ratio in Real Time? Put Call Ratio Analysis and Interpretation Put Call Ratio as a Contrarian Indicator What is Put Call Ratio? Put Call Ratio (PCR) is a derivative ratio used by traders to […]