Everything About Bank BeEs in India

Banks are one of the cornerstones of India’s economy. So, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that investing in banking stocks is a sure shot way of creating wealth. But the question is … which banks should you invest in? Options are plenty…there are 23 private sector banks and […]

Corporate Bond Funds – The Good Guys

The Franklin Templeton debt fund default was a big blow to debt fund investors. It changed their entire perception of debt funds. Debt funds were no longer considered as ‘safe’. Investors started moving back to the safety of their bank fixed deposits. But while this saga was unfolding, there was […]

Basics of Inventory Turnover Ratio

What can make a business successful? A management team full of MBAs? Or a diverse range of products and services? No. All these factors can make a business efficient. A company’s profitability is directly linked to how quickly it can sell its inventory. This is true for every business. From […]

Charlie Munger and his Investment Philosophy

Who is Charlie Munger? Charlie Munger is the vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, chaired by Warren Buffett. He shares his hometown with the famous investor Warren Buffett. He was born in Omaha on 1 January 1924. As a kid, he worked at Buffett’s grandfather’s grocery store. He earned US $2 for ten […]