ICRA Full Form, Functions, and Latest Financial Details

What is the full form of ICRA? – ICRA Full Form The full form of ICRA is Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited. It was formerly known as the Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency. It was established in 1991 by leading financial institutions, commercial banks, and financial services companies. […]

How to Analyse Banking Stocks – A Complete Guide

Content List: How to analyse banking stocks? 1. Types of Banks in India 2. Banking Model – How does a bank work? 3. Bank’s Income Statement – CASA, Net Interest Income, Net Interest margin, PCR 4. What are Non-Performing Assets (NPA)? 5. How does NPA affect NII and NIM? 6. […]

How to Analyse Stocks Using Return on Assets (ROA)

Return on Assets (ROA) is a type of profitability ratio that measures the returns generated by a company on its assets. It shows how profitable a company is relative to its assets. For example: The ROA of Reliance Industries is 5.14%. This means that the company generates Rs 5.14 for […]