Benjamin Graham – The Father of Value Investing

Who is Benjamin Graham? Benjamin Graham is famously known as the Father of Value Investing. He was born in 1894 in London, United Kingdom. He was an economist, professor, and investor. Graham was fluent in at least seven languages, including ancient Greek and Latin. He attended Columbia University on a scholarship. He later […]

What is Blockchain? How Does it Work? – Explained!

You might have heard about blockchain if you are following cryptocurrencies. A big misconception going about bitcoins and blockchains is that they are the same. This is false. Blockchain is a technology that supports bitcoin. But blockchain’s use is not restricted to bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. It is a revolutionary technology […]

How to Read a Cash Flow Statement of a Company

People often believe that a cash flow statement shows a company’s profitability. But that’s not the case…they are two different things. A cash flow statement lists only the cash inflows and outflows. It helps us understand where the cash is coming in and where the company is spending it. While […]