NIFTY Full Midcap 100 Index

Index is one of the important parameters to capture the sentiments of the stock markets but simply one index can’t capture the sentiments of all corners of the market,therefore there are multiple indices created to capture the complete sentiments of markets. Some of the indices are generally created to capture […]

BEST Low Price Shares to Buy in 2019

As the Indian market has recovered from the recent loss and the nifty has started to approach 9800-11,000, investors might be interested in looking out for opportunities to invest in. Theoretically, the best approach is to identify the best low price shares to buy right now. As these are the […]

SEBI: What is SEBI, Powers, Role and Functions of SEBI

For every stock market across the world, there is a watchdog which keeps a close eye on the market activities to ensure that the interests of every participants are not impacted by frivolous activities of any other participants. In India, SEBI has been created to ensure that the market activities […]

Top 10 Companies in India in 2019, by Market Capitalization

There are more than 5000 listed companies on BSE and around 1600 companies are listed on NSE. Out of such companies only handful companies enjoy the status of being the TOP companies in India. Knowing such companies in general is helpful in making good investment decision. Therefore, we’re presenting the […]

29 Different Types of Mutual Funds in India

Day by day Mutual Fund Investment and Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) are becoming popular in India. So it becomes necessary for retail investors and new investors to understand the types of mutual fund schemes running in India.  Through this article you will get to know: Classification of Mutual Funds Different […]

Pharma Stocks : BEST Pharma Stocks to Invest in 2019

Usually Top pharma stocks are considered as safe bets as those stocks are related to human health and in case of emergency people won’t mind in spending on their health. Therefore, from investment point of view, pharmaceutical industry in general and pharma stocks in particular offers good investment opportunities to […]

Lowest Share Prices in India, 2019

Whenever the market becomes bullish on Economic growth of India, investors starts looking for low priced shares so that they can invest in those stocks for better returns. The article below highlights the lowest share prices in India in 2018. Therefore you will find the list of Indian penny stocks […]

सेबी: सेबी क्या है,सेबी का उद्देश्य और सेबी का ढाँचा

सेबी एक ऐसी संस्थान है जिसका काम प्रमुख काम स्टॉक मार्किट में नकेल कसना है | सेबी का फुल फॉर्म भारतीय प्रतिभूति और विनिमय बोर्ड जिसका काम भारत में प्रतिभूति और वित्त का नियामक के लिए जिम्मेदार हैं | इस लेख के जरिये आप जानेंगे कि सेबी क्या है सेबी […]