What are Share Unpledge Charges?

What is unpledging of shares? In case clients have pledged shares & pay back the loan amount or clear their ledger debits and associated dues, they can unpledge their shares from the lenders. Subsequent to the unpledging of shares, they can be transferred and the lender shall cease to have all […]

What are Pledge Charges?

What is Pledging of Shares? Pledging of shares refers to the practice of putting up of equity shares as collateral against loans. Once a pledge is created, it acts a lien and the pledgee has the right to recover all his/her dues against the pledge first before releasing the pledge […]

What are SEBI Fees on Turnover?

SEBI stands for the Securities & Exchange Board of India. SEBI is the market regulator & is entrusted with ensuring that the Interests of the Investors are safeguarded. More details on the powers & functions entrusted with SEBI can be found on our SEBI Page. What are SEBI Charges? Beginning […]

What is Intraday Brokerage?

What is Intraday Trading? Intraday Trading is a trading style that involves initiating & squaring off of all positions before the end of the trading day. Day Traders as they are commonly called, end the day with no positions. For information on delivery brokerage, refer the SAMCO knowledge center. Intraday Brokerage Meaning […]

What is Delivery Brokerage?

What is Delivery Trading? In India, “Delivery Trading”  stands for taking or giving delivery of Shares in the DEMAT Account. A Delivery trade happens when a trader buys or sell shares & does not square off the position on the same day. These transactions are settled as per the T+2 […]

What is Commodities Transaction Tax (CTT)?

Meaning of CTT or Commodity Transaction Tax The CTT Tax or Commodities Transaction Tax is levied on Trades made on Commodities Exchanges akin to Securities Transaction Tax – STT on Equity Trades. It is a tax payable to the Central government by commodity traders and therefore classified as a regulatory […]

What is a Discount Brokerage?

In India, traditionally, Brokerage has always been charged as a percentage of the Volume traded by the client. A Discount Broker like SAMCO however charges a fixed fee per transaction. What does a discount brokerage mean? Discount brokers are plain vanilla execution services brokers charging a flat fee per order or transaction […]