How to Analyse Banking Stocks – A Complete Guide

Content List: How to analyse banking stocks? 1. Types of Banks in India 2. Banking Model – How does a bank work? 3. Bank’s Income Statement – CASA, Net Interest Income, Net Interest margin, PCR 4. What are Non-Performing Assets (NPA)? 5. How does NPA affect NII and NIM? 6. […]

SWOT Analysis of a Company with IRCTC’s Example

Investing in a company just because they are earning profits is a bad idea. In our previous article, we learned about Warren Buffett’s investment strategy. We understood that analysing financial statements is not enough. To make a better decision, we need to check qualitative aspects too. There are various tools […]

Porter’s Five Forces – Explained with Examples!

As an investor, we read and analyse financial statements before investing in a company. We use various financial ratios to check a company’s financial health. But is that enough? Does it provide us a complete picture of the company? How do you decide if a company has a sustainable competitive […]

Beginner’s Guide to Short Selling

Many people think that you can earn profits in the stock market only when the prices are rising. But what if I tell you that you can earn profits even when the market is falling? In the normal course of trading, a trader will buy the stocks first and sell […]

What is Blockchain? How Does it Work? – Explained!

You might have heard about blockchain if you are following cryptocurrencies. A big misconception going about bitcoins and blockchains is that they are the same. This is false. Blockchain is a technology that supports bitcoin. But blockchain’s use is not restricted to bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. It is a revolutionary technology […]