What is a Bracket Order in Trading?

What does a Bracket Order mean? A Bracket Order in simple terms is a 3-in-1 order i.e. Target Order + Initial Order + Stop Loss Order in 1 ORDER. Bracket Order has 3 types of order embedded into 1 single order entry window. It is one of the most advanced types […]

What is a Cover Order?

Cover Order Meaning? Cover order is a 2 legged order type where putting a stop loss along with the initial order is compulsory. Thus, the loss in the trade is already covered and hence the name. In Cover Order, the trader has to put 2 orders at a time: Position […]

How to Create Your BHIM UPI ID?

You can now apply for IPOs through SAMCO using the UPI App. Follow the below steps to download the BHIM UPI app and apply for an IPO. Step 1.Download the BHIM APP from the Play Store or you can click here to download it. Step 2. Click Next, Step 3. […]

How to Apply for Reliance Right Issue

You may apply in the Rights Issue either through the Application Supported by Blocked Amount (“ASBA”) facility or through the optional mechanism instituted only for resident investors in the Rights Issue, i.e., the Registrar’s Web-based Application Platform (“R-WAP”). ASBA facility – Investors can submit the Application Form in physical mode […]

How to Sell Holdings using E-Dis

As a trading and Demat account holder, whenever you buy shares from Stock Exchanges for Delivery, the shares are transferred to your Demat account with SAMCO. However, at the time of selling a consent is required from the Demat Account holder for the transfer of shares from the Demat Account […]

Live Trading on Union Budget Day-Saturday, 01 Feb-2020

On account of the presentation of the Union Budget, a special live trading session will be held on Saturday, February 01, 2020, in Equity, Equity Derivative and Commodity Derivative segments (Morning Session) by the exchanges. You are requested to note the followings in this regard: (1) The Market Timings by […]

What are unsettled holdings or T1 holdings?

Unsettled Holdings or T1 Holdings Definition Unsettled Holdings or T1 Holdings are holdings which are yet to be settled by the exchanges and the impact of transactions effected remains unsettled till the exchanges complete the T+2 settlement cycle. The shares bought or sold on the stock exchange are settled or […]