Bull Spread : Bull Call Spread Strategy

Bull spread is an options strategy which is made of two call options. In bull Spread Trader buys a call option and also sells a call option of same expiry but of higher strike. Traders use a Bull spread when they are mildly bullish on stock in near term but […]

Bear Spread : Bear Put Spread Strategy

Bear spread is an options strategy which is made of two Put options. In bear Spread Trader buys a put option and also sells a put option of same expiry but of lower strike. Traders use a Bear spread when they are mildly bearish on stock in near term but […]

Trading in MCX Copper Futures

Copper Futures Definition All the main commodity market exchanges of the world offer Copper futures. In India MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange and NCDEX are popular exchanges for Copper Futures Trading. Let’s discuss now copper futures in this article. Copper Futures drive prices from multiple factors including the influence of Speculative actions.  Commodity markets demonstrate […]

What is Dividend?

Dividend Definition Dividend is the share of Company’s profit which is distributed among the shareholders of the Company. It is the return on the investment in the shares of the Company. Dividend – The Legal position, procedure and accounting There is procedure laid down in the Companies Act and the rules framed […]

What is Earnings per share – EPS?

We often hear experts saying, “buy and hold companies which are showing earnings growth.” Or “Buy stocks which have been driven by earnings”. Earnings of a company mean nothing but the net profit after taxes and minority interest and EPS means Earnings per share available to the equity share holders […]

Bonus Shares

Bonus Shares Definition Bonus shares are a popular corporate action besides dividends and stock splits. Companies which are profitable and have retained good amount of profits back in the business as reserves, issue additional shares to its shareholders as bonus shares. It is also termed as capitalisation of reserves. Bonus […]

Stock Split

Stock Split Definition The share capital of a company has definite number of shares with a specified face value. Stock split is the decision of the Board of Directors of the company to increase the number of shares by proportionately reducing the face value. Stock Split Example Example – A share […]

Trading in MCX Crude Oil Futures

Crude Oil Futures Definition All major exchanges of world offer Crude Oil Futures in India MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange and NCEDX are popular exchanges for crude oil futures trading. On MCX, Crude oil can be traded in 2 variants viz. Crude oil, Crude oil mini. Let’s discuss crude oil futures […]