What is Penny Stock & Its Characteristics

What is Penny Stock? The concept of Penny stocks is originated in USA and derived from the unit of currency called “penny”. Penny is equivalent to one hundredth of USD. Penny stocks or penny shares as they are referred to are stocks which trade at a low prices and have […]

Trading in MCX Silver Futures

Silver Futures Definition Along with Gold Futures, one of the other most popular bullion contracts traded in the MCX commodity markets is Silver Futures. Due to its liquidity and contract specifications, silver commodity futures is a very popular contracts for commodity traders in India. All major exchanges of world offer silver […]

Trading in MCX Gold Futures

Gold futures Definition Gold futures is one of the most popular and traded contracts by traders engaged in commodity trading in India. All major exchanges of world offer gold futures, in India MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange and NCDEX are popular exchanges for gold futures trading. On MCX Gold can be […]

Commodity Markets and Commodity Trading in India

Commodity Market definition Trading in commodities dates thousands of years back to 4500-4000 BC. When human civilisation stabilised and farming and cultivation started, commodity trading in the form of barter trade of the surplus quantities got introduced. Over a period of time, common items such as clay tokens, seashells and eventually […]

Trading Index Options

Index Options Explained Just like a derivative future contract, options too are an derivative product where the buyer holds a right to execute option of either buying or selling of an underlying asset at a certain pre-determined price (also known as the strike price) during a pre-determined time period. An Index option is a type of option […]

Trading Stock Options in India

Stock Options Defination A stock option is a type of option where the underlying asset is a stock. The other type of options defined based on the underlying are Index options. Before we discuss stock options in further detail, check information on Call options and Put options. They payoffs and risk-rewards applicable for […]

Share Markets in India

The Stock or share market is the market place where one can buy stocks or shares of certain companies or can sell stocks or shares of certain companies. In simple terms, a “mandi” where the commodities traded are stocks/shares of underlying companies. We can define Stock or share market as a […]

What is Implied Volatility or Option IV?

Implied Volatility Definition Implied Volatility is the expected volatility in a stock or security or asset. In simple terms, its an estimate of expected movement in a particular stock or security or asset. The implied volatility is high when the expected volatility/movement is higher and vice versa. This expected volatility […]

What is MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange?

What is MCX? Multi Commodity Exchange (Full Form of MCX) as the name suggests is an exchange like BSE and NSE where commodities are traded. It is a platform for commodity traders that facilitate online trading, settlement and clearing of commodity futures transactions, thereby providing a platform for risk management […]