Risk Management for Investors

Best Practices for Risk Management for Investors Introduction: Unpredictable and volatile moves in the market, as it goes from one crisis to another, have brought a tight focus on risk management. The shock losses many investors have suffered when bubbles burst have highlighted the need for guidance in this regard. […]

Fundamental Analysis : Balance Sheet Analysis & Red Flags

How should an Investor look at a balance Sheet for fundamental analysis? Introduction: Balance Sheet and P&L are the most objective way of looking at the financial position of a company. Anything and everything that the business does, get’s impartially reflected in the numbers and thus ability to read such […]

Online Forex Trading / Online Currency Trading in India

What is Currency Trading? Just like stocks which have free market, currencies too have free market so that they can be traded to determine equilibrium price, which earlier was not possible due to non convertibility on current. Currencies are the largest traded assets on this planet. Daily volume alone in […]

Management Discussion and Analysis Report

Management Discussion and Analysis Report popularly known as MD&A is the communication straight from the management to the shareholders of the company giving them insights into the present business conditions of the company and its future potential. It gives a bird’s eye view about the entire business ecosystem of the […]

Stochastic – Fast Stochastic and Slow Stochastic

Introduction to Stochastic Indicator The speed of market is not uniform.  At times the speed is slow or some other times it is fast. However contemporary evidence suggests that during up moves the initial movement is fast and then later the velocity slows down before the eventual down turn. This […]

What are Moving Averages in Technical Analysis?

Moving Averages Explained Moving Averages are some of the oldest technical indicators and still remain some of the most useful indicators for market analysis using the technical analysis approach. In simple terms moving average is the average price of the security at a specified point in time. A moving average […]