Best Penny Stocks Below Rupee 1

Best Penny Stocks Below Rupee 1 in India When you hear the word penny stocks what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Quick money, success, downturns?  The potential reward of stocks under Rs. 1 is enormous.  In fact penny stocks below Rs. 1 are the best phenomenon lately.  […]

Why Suzlon Share Price is Going down

Why Isn’t Suzlon’s Share Price Reviving? In this article: About the company Suzlon share price – Out of winds or winds in sails? Suzlon’s trajectory after 2008 crisis Suzlon’s financial outlook Suzlon’s current shareholding pattern Signs of revival and risks involved Suzlon Energy Ltd. is probably one of the most speculative […]

Top 30 High Price Stocks in India

Try to answer this no brainer – Which stock has the highest share price in India?  Most of you might have guessed it right. It is none other than the MRF (Madras Rubber Factory).  But there are many shares which can be added to the list of high priced stocks […]

List of Penny Stocks on BSE in 2022

High risk, higher returns and lower costs are the classic features of a penny stock. You could easily find these penny stocks trading on BSE. These stocks can become multibaggers in short time.  Multibaggers are stocks that grow multiple times of your initial investment price. And it often occurs that […]

Penny Stocks List on NSE in 2022

There is no shortage of people willing to try out their luck with penny stocks. The google search for – the list of penny stocks on NSE is exceedingly growing. One of the biggest beneficiaries of market rallies are penny stocks on NSE.  Veteran traders also support that these cheap […]

52 Week Low Stocks Today in India 2022

Every time a stock is at its 52-week low, investors start to wonder if they should buy more  because the downtrend may fizzle out soon.  Buy at dips is something we all know, but when it comes to practicing it we tend to get a little sceptical. Stocks near their  […]

Lists of Stocks below Rs. 100 – 2022

After 2020’s growth, 2021 is the second year when stocks under Rs. 100 have outperformed mid and large cap stocks. In the year 2020, BSE Sensex has generated a return of 16% whereas BSE small cap index has generated a whopping return of 32%.  So, small cap stocks have the […]

Top stocks below Rs. 20

Stocks Below Rupees 20 With increase in participation of retail investors in the stock market, we have seen a substantial rise in liquidity and volume of stocks traded. But the problem that retail investors have been facing is that out of so many listed companies, which companies should you be […]