Best Stocks to Buy in India

List of Best Stocks to buy in India The best of stocks to buy today are those which are long term sustainable compounders and can grow and compound value over time. The best stocks to buy are those that have the following qualities: Great Return on Capital employed High growth […]

Share Markets in India

Share Markets in India The Stock or share market is the market place where one can buy stocks or shares of certain companies or can sell stocks or shares of certain companies. In simple terms, a “mandi” where the commodities traded are stocks/shares of underlying companies. We can define Stock or […]

What is Implied Volatility or Option IV?

Implied Volatility Definition Implied Volatility is the expected volatility in a stock or security or asset. In simple terms, its an estimate of expected movement in a particular stock or security or asset. The implied volatility is high when the expected volatility/movement is higher and vice versa. This expected volatility […]

What is a Market Order?

What is Market Order Buying good stocks is important thing but buying stocks at right price is also essential. While placing orders for buying or selling one comes across Limit orders and Market Orders. Here we’re trying to understand what “Market Order” is? And some important facts about Market Order. Definition […]

What is Technical Analysis?

The term technical analysis is the most talked about term in the stock market, yet very few are able to successfully harness the benefits of technical analysis. What is Technical Analysis? What is the difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis? How to start technical analysis? Which technical analysis software to […]

What is Fundamental Analysis ?

Stock market has its own typical jargons which are confusing for layman to understand. What is fundamental analysis, what is technical analysis, what is the difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysis are common questions for a first timer in the markets. Let’s decipher them one by one What is Fundamental […]

What are Nifty Options?

Understanding Basic Options Before understanding Nifty options, first we need to understand what an option instrument is. Just like derivatives futures, options too is an derivative product where the buyer holds a right to execute option of either buying or selling of shares or another underlying at a certain pre-determined price (also known […]