Bear Spread : Bear Put Spread Strategy

What is Bear Spread? Bear spread is an options strategy which is made of two Put options. In bear Spread Trader buys a put option and also sells a put option of same expiry but of lower strike. Traders use a Bear spread when they are mildly bearish on stock […]

Trading Index Options

Index Options Explained Just like a derivative future contract, options too are an derivative product where the buyer holds a right to execute option of either buying or selling of an underlying asset at a certain pre-determined price (also known as the strike price) during a pre-determined time period. An Index option is a type of option […]

Trading Stock Options in India

Stock Options Definition A stock option is a type of option where the underlying asset is a stock. The other type of options defined based on the underlying are Index options. Before we discuss stock options in further detail, check information on Call options and Put options. They payoffs and risk-rewards applicable for […]

Risk Management for Investors

Best Practices for Risk Management for Investors Introduction: Unpredictable and volatile moves in the market, as it goes from one crisis to another, have brought a tight focus on risk management. The shock losses many investors have suffered when bubbles burst have highlighted the need for guidance in this regard. […]

Trading in MCX Copper Futures

Copper Futures Definition All the main commodity market exchanges of the world offer Copper futures. In India MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange and NCDEX are popular exchanges for Copper Futures Trading. Let’s discuss now copper futures in this article. Copper Futures drive prices from multiple factors including the influence of Speculative actions.  Commodity markets demonstrate […]