How to Apply for Reliance Right Issue

You may apply in the Rights Issue either through the Application Supported by Blocked Amount (“ASBA”) facility or through the optional mechanism instituted only for resident investors in the Rights Issue, i.e., the Registrar’s Web-based Application Platform (“R-WAP”).
ASBA facility – Investors can submit the Application Form in physical mode to the designated branch of the SCSBs, or make online/electronic Applications through the website of the SCSBs (if the facility is made available by such SCSB). SCSBs are self-certified syndicate banks registered with SEBI, which offer the facility of ASBA. You can find the list of banks which have been notified by SEBI to act as SCSBs for the ASBA process, here.
For details on designated branches of SCSBs collecting the Application Form, please refer to the above-mentioned link.
R-WAP – R-WAP ( has been instituted for making Application in Rights Issue by resident investors. At R-WAP, resident investors can access and submit online Application Form in electronic mode and make an online payment using their internet banking or UPI facility from their own bank account thereat. Please note that Applications made with payment using third party bank accounts are liable to be rejected. There are 29 banks that can be used for making payment through internet banking. In case of internet banking, there is no restriction on the maximum amount that can be paid, except limit set by your respective bank. However, in case of UPI facility, payment can be made only up to Rs. 2 lakhs.
For a detailed presentation in respect of the Application Process, please refer to:
Error codes explaining the reasons for rejection are available here.
In case you need any assistance you can contact
  • Toll-free numbers of the Registrar: 1800 425 8998 / 1800 345 4001
  • Toll-free number of the Company for resident individual investors: 1800 889 8888 (operational from Monday to Saturday between 9 am (IST) and 6 pm (IST)
  • You may also get Whatsapp support at +91 79771 11111. Type ‘Hi’ to initiate support.

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