StockNote APIs

Access StockNote’s powerful APIs to develop your own trading platforms and implement your own set of strategies.
These system APIs are compatible with Java and Python code frames and give you open access to live market feeds, orders, live positions, and a lot more.

StockNote APIs are the only API service that provides adjusted historical data that enables flawless execution of your strategies, and it is absolutely Free!

StockNote APIs

Open Samco A/c to access StockNote APIs


Existing client? Log in to Samco star with client ID & password to subscribe to StockNote APIs


Frequently Asked Questions

StockNote API is a set of REST APIs using which you can build customized applications based on your trading requirements. The APIs can be used to log in, search symbols, place and execute orders, view their order status, positions, and holdings, etc. The documentation available at the link below provides you with all the necessary details to understand the Samco StockNote API collection. StockNote API Documentation.
If you are the type of trader or investor who wishes to deploy your own evolved trading ideas, execute your very own string of trading strategies, or develop an entirely new trading platform, you should subscribe to StockNote APIs. The trade APIs allow you to stretch your trading & investing routine beyond the conventional.

You need to be a Samco customer to access the StockNote APIs. Once you become a Samco customer, follow these steps to subscribe to StockNote APIs:

  1. Navigate to Samco STAR back-office.
  2. Visit the Subscription tab in the menu and click on the StockNote API block.
  3. Click on Subscribe and then confirm to start your Stocknote API subscription.
  4. Start accessing Stocknote APIs by visiting the documentation page. You can also try our reference postman collection which can be downloaded from the same page.

The StockNote API service is absolutely free of cost for all Samco customers. If do not possess a Samco account, register to open a Free account now: Register
Stocknote APIs is a REST protocol compliant service and is compatible with all major technology stacks. The API documentation provides program samples for accessing the APIs in most common programming languages like Python, JavaScript. On the same page, a postman collection is provided for testing these APIs.

To access the APIs, you need to be a Samco customer and you need to be subscribed to access the StockNote API.

You can avail the subscription through the Samco STAR back-office page.

Once you are subscribed to the StockNote API you can use the APIs. Visit the API documentation page for detailed steps on using these APIs.

Note: Currently, the API subscription is Free, and to start using the API, you need to activate the subscription in Samco Star back-office.

Yes. Refer the StockNote API documentation for program samples of every API with associated request and response body.
Yes. For downloading a list of all tradeable scrips across exchanges, you can use this Link. This data is refreshed on a daily basis. This is a CSV file that you can import into your database.
For streaming access, you can find a sample using the python programming language on this Link.

Yes, you can perform Algo Trading using Stock note API by developing your own strategies for trade and placing automated trades using StockNote API.

Note: Samco, as a broker, does not provide any trading strategies and these strategies have to be client-owned. It is the client’s responsibility to secure the necessary exchange approvals for the trading strategies deployed.

For any issues or support, you can raise a ticket to us on the following link and we will be happy to assist you. Raise Support Ticket.

To prevent misuse and prevent availability issues due to over usage, the APIs are rate limited i.e. the number of API requests from a user is limited. If you wish to increase this limit, raise a support ticket on the following link. Raise Support Ticket.

Your request will be reviewed and limits may be increased as per the requirement.

Below are the current API wise rate limits:

API Limit/second
Login 1
SearchEquityDerivative 4
Limits 1
Quote 4
PlaceOrder 20
OrderStatus 20
ModifyOrder 20
CancelOrder 20
PlaceOrderBO 20
ExitBO 4
PlaceOrderCO 20
ExitCO 4
GetTriggerOrders 1
OrderBook 1
TradeBook 1
Holdings 1
GetPosition 1
ConvertPosition 1
optionChain 1
HistoricalCandleData 10
IntraDayCandleData 10
indexCandleData 10
indexIntradayCandleData 10
Logout 1