Explore Samco Trade API Features

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Explore Samco Trade API Features

Understanding API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a software component that allows two software applications to communicate with each other.

When you are trading, and you want to get some data on an application, the application sends your request to the server through a trading API. The server then processes your request and returns the result that you see on the application.

Introducing Samco Trade API

Samco Securities Limited - an online stockbroker and investment platform offers a range of products and services to its customers. Samco enables you to trade and invest in stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, IPOs, mini portfolios, and more with low brokerage fees and high leverage. Samco provides a powerful and free Samco Trade API that lets you develop your own trading platforms or implement your own trading strategies with live market data, orders, positions, and more. Samco is registered with SEBI, BSE, NSE, MSEI, and CDSL as a stockbroker, depository participant, research entity, and mutual fund distributor.

Get to Know a Feature-Rich Samco Trade API 

Samco Trade API is a feature-rich and user-friendly platform that enables you to create, modify, and monitor your trading algorithms with ease and confidence. Here are some of the features that Samco Trade API offers:
  • User-friendly API Documentation: Trade API provides you with comprehensive and easy-to-follow documentation that guides you through the steps of setting up and using the platform. You can access the documentation from the Samco Trade API website or from the Samco Trade API app. The documentation covers topics such as how to register, how to authenticate, how to use the endpoints, how to handle errors, etc. You can also find examples and code snippets that illustrate how to use the platform in different programming languages, such as Python, Java, Node JS, etc.
  • Robust backtesting market database: Samco Trade API allows you to test your trading strategies on historical data and optimize them. You can access a large and updated database of market data from various sources, such as NSE, BSE, MCX, etc. You can also filter and select the data based on your criteria, such as time period, frequency, instrument type, etc. You can then run your algorithms on the selected data and analyze the results using various metrics, such as returns, drawdowns, Sharpe ratio, etc. You can also compare your results with different benchmarks, such as Nifty 50, Sensex, etc.
  • Wide selection of markets and instruments: Trade API enables you to trade with a wide range of markets and instruments across different asset classes. You can trade with stocks, forex, commodities, indices, futures, options, etc. You can also access various exchanges and brokers in India and abroad, such as NSE, BSE, MCX, etc. You can also trade with multiple accounts and portfolios using Samco Trade API.
  • Secure and reliable execution system: Samco Trade API uses advanced encryption and authentication methods to ensure the security and privacy of your data and transactions. Samco Trade API also uses high-performance servers and cloud infrastructure to ensure the reliability and scalability of your trading operations. Samco Trade API also provides you with real-time updates and notifications on your orders and positions.

Samco Trade API

One of the unique features of Samco Securities Limited is its Samco Trade APIs, which allow you to develop your own trading platforms or implement your trading strategies with powerful and free Trade APIs. You can access live market feeds, orders, live positions, historical adjusted data, and more with these APIs. You can also use the Samco Trade API, which provides pre-written wrappers over Samco APIs to ensure seamless and reliable connectivity and help you fast-track your development process.

Samco Trade API is the ultimate platform for algorithmic trading that offers you a plethora of features. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in algorithmic trading, Samco Trade API can help you achieve your trading goals and enhance your trading experience.


In conclusion, Samco Trade API is a powerful tool for traders. It allows different software programs to talk to each other, making trading easier and more efficient. With Samco Trade API, you get a user-friendly guide to help you use the platform. It even provides examples in different programming languages.

You can test your trading strategies using historical data and fine-tune them for better results. Plus, there's a wide variety of markets and instruments you can trade in, giving you plenty of options. When you make trades through Samco Trade API, you can trust that it's secure and reliable. Your data is kept safe, and your orders are executed quickly and accurately.

Whether you're new to trading or an expert, Samco Trade API has features that can benefit you. It's a valuable tool to help you reach your trading goals and improve your trading experience.

Disclaimer: INVESTMENT IN SECURITIES MARKET ARE SUBJECT TO MARKET RISKS, READ ALL THE RELATED DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY BEFORE INVESTING. The asset classes and securities quoted in the film are exemplary and are not recommendatory. SAMCO Securities Limited (Formerly known as Samruddhi Stock Brokers Limited): BSE: 935 | NSE: 12135 | MSEI- 31600 | SEBI Reg. No.: INZ000002535 | AMFI Reg. No. 120121 | Depository Participant: CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-443-2008 CIN No.: U67120MH2004PLC146183 | SAMCO Commodities Limited (Formerly known as Samruddhi Tradecom India Limited) | MCX- 55190 | SEBI Reg. No.: INZ000013932 Registered Address: Samco Securities Limited, 1004 - A, 10th Floor, Naman Midtown - A Wing, Senapati Bapat Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400 013, Maharashtra, India. For any complaints Email - grievances@samco.in Research Analysts -SEBI Reg.No.-INHO0O0005847

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