Benefits of Samco Trade API

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Benefits of Samco Trade API


Samco Trade API is a powerful and free service that allows you to create your own trading platforms or implement your trading strategies using Samco's REST APIs. You can access live and historical market data, place and manage orders, stream data and charts, and more with Samco Trade API.

Enhance Your Trading Experience with Samco Trade API

If you are looking for a powerful and flexible way to implement your trading strategies, you should try Samco Trade API. Samco Trade API is designed with traders like you in mind. They are compatible with Java and Python code frames, which means you can use your preferred programming language to access Samco's platform. With Samco APIs, you can get open access to live market feeds, orders, live positions, and a lot more. You can also get historical adjusted data, which is a unique feature that only Samco APIs provide. This can help you backtest and optimise your trading strategies.

The good part is that Samco APIs are free for Samco customers. All you need to do is open a Samco account and claim your free access to Samco's powerful APIs. Once you have an account, you can also use the Samco Trade API, which is a tool that provides pre-written wrappers over Samco Trade API. This can help you ensure seamless and reliable connectivity to the APIs and fast-track your development process.

Samco Trade API is a great way to power your trades with Samco's platform. Samco Trade API offers you a lot of flexibility and functionality to create your own trading platforms or integrate your existing ones.

Benefits of Samco Trade API

Some of the benefits of using Samco Trade API are:
  • Zero charges: You can use Samco Trade API without paying any fees or subscription charges. This can save you a lot of money and hassle compared to other trading APIs that charge you based on usage or subscription.
  • 200 orders per second: You can execute up to 200 orders per second per user with Samco Trade API, which is one of the fastest and most reliable in the industry. This can help you take advantage of market opportunities and optimize your execution speed and efficiency.
  • 30 years of historical data: You can access up to 30 years of historical data for back-testing your trading strategies and improving your performance. You can also use Samco's adjusted data, which accounts for corporate actions such as splits, dividends, etc., to get accurate results.
  • Live streaming: You can get live streaming capabilities of data and charts powered by Samco's web-socket technology. This can help you monitor the market movements and trends in real-time and make informed decisions.

Unlock the Benefits of Samco Trade API Through Activation

Samco Trade API is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate your trading strategies with Samco’s platform. You can use Samco Trade API to access live market data, place orders, manage positions, and more. To activate Samco Trade API, you need to follow these steps:
  • Login or Sign up: If you are already a Samco customer, you can directly log in to your back office using your credentials. If you are not a Samco customer yet, you can sign up for a free demat account with Samco by filling out a simple online form and completing the KYC process. You can visit the Samco website to sign up or log in.
  • Visit Samco Star Office: Once you have logged in or signed up, you need to visit your Samco Star Office, which is your online back office where you can access various features and services offered by Samco. You can find the link to your Samco Star Office on the top right corner of the Samco website or [here].
  • Activate Trade API: After visiting your Samco Star Office, you need to activate the Samco Trade API by clicking on the Samco Trade API option under the Services menu. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and generate an API key and a secret key. .
  • Integrate Libraries: Once you have activated the Samco Trade API, you can integrate it with your trading platform using the libraries of your choice. Samco provides pre-written wrappers over Trade API for Java and Python code frames, which you can use to connect your trading platform with Samco’s Trade API. You can also use other languages or frameworks as long as they support RESTful APIs.
By following these steps, you can successfully activate and use Samco Trading API for your trading and investing needs and avail all the benefits of Samco Trade API.


In conclusion, Samco Trade API offers a wealth of benefits that can greatly enhance your trading and investment experience. Notably, its zero duration charges eliminate financial burdens, while its remarkable capacity of up to 200 orders per second ensures lightning-fast execution. With access to 30 years of historical data and live streaming capabilities, you gain valuable insights and real-time market monitoring tools. To harness these advantages, simply follow the straightforward activation process outlined above. By integrating Samco Trade API with your trading strategies, you open the door to a world of opportunities and efficiency, all at your fingertips.

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