Benefits of Samco Trade API

Zero API Charges

Harness the full potential of our API at completely free of cost without the burden of hefty subscription fees.

200 Orders per Second

Process up to a staggering 200 orders per second per user ensuring your trades are executed swiftly and accurately

30 Years of Historical Data

Get extensive 30-year market adjusted data for back-testing strategies.

Live Streaming at Zero Cost

Get live streaming capabilities of data & charts powered by Samco’s web-socket technology now completely free.

Go-to-platform for Algo Traders

User-friendly API Documentation

That allows you to test your strategies on historical data and optimise them.

Robust market data for backtesting

That lets you design, modify, and monitor your trading algorithms with simple drag-and-drop tools.

Wide selection of markets and instruments

That you can trade with Trade API, including stocks, F&O, commodities, and more.

Secure and reliable execution system

Experience lightning-fast execution, unmatched accuracy, and unwavering reliability with our Samco Trade API

Activating Samco Trade API


Login or Signup

If already a Samco customer, directly login to your back office. If not then, sign up for a free demat account with Samco


Visit Samco Star Office

Visit your Samco Star Office - your online back office where you can access various features and services offered by Samco.


Activating Trade API

Activate Trade API - a powerful tool that allows you to integrate your trading strategies with Samco’s platform.


Integrate Libraries

Use these libraries of your choice to connect your trading platform with Samco’s Trade API.


Trade API Samco Python


Trade API Samco Java


Trade API Samco Javascript


Trade API Samco NodeJs


Learn about Samco Trade API

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What is SAMCO Trade API?

Samco Trade API Videos

Features of SAMCO Trade API

Samco Trade API Videos

Why opt for SAMCO Trade API?

Samco Trade API Videos

Introducing Samco Trade API

Samco Trade API Videos

How to Activate Samco Trade API?

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Samco Trade API? How can it be helpful to me?

Samco Trade API is a cutting-edge solution that empowers you to create a customised, rules-based trading platform in just minutes. You can harness the power of this versatile tool to develop applications for your Samco clients effortlessly and configure your trading systems with utmost simplicity.

Are there any charges for Samco Trade API?

What languages is Samco Trade API available in?

Wondering how to install the Python SDK on your system?

Does Samco Trade API offer Historical Data?

Can you stream live prices with Samco Trade API?

Which Order Types are supported by Samco Trade API?

Is it possible to utilise the Samco Trade API Publisher feature for embedding buttons on my app/website?

Is it feasible to employ Samco Trade API in low-code or no-code algorithmic trading platforms?

Where can I access comprehensive resources to learn more about Samco Trade API and build my own rule-based systems?

Where will I get the API documentation?

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