How to Apply for Reliance Right Issue

You may apply in the Rights Issue either through the Application Supported by Blocked Amount (“ASBA”) facility or through the optional mechanism instituted only for resident investors in the Rights Issue, i.e., the Registrar’s Web-based Application Platform (“R-WAP”). ASBA facility – Investors can submit the Application Form in physical mode […]

How to Sell Holdings using E-Dis

As a trading and Demat account holder, whenever you buy shares from Stock Exchanges for Delivery, the shares are transferred to your Demat account with SAMCO. However, at the time of selling a consent is required from the Demat Account holder for the transfer of shares from the Demat Account […]

MCX – Profit/Loss for every 1 Rs change

Following table will help users in knowing the profit/loss they can have for the 1 Rupee change in the commodity price. The information segregated into agri and non-agri commodities. Further you can also use the brokerage calculator and margin calculator to know the exact brokerage and margin required for carrying […]

Short Delivery of Shares

Short Delivery Explained In the equity segment whenever a share is bought or sold, and not squared off on the same day (i.e. non-intraday trades), such transactions result into delivery transactions. This means that if the shares are bought, the client needs to pay the full amount and take the […]