Download the latest BhavCopy

The Bhav Copy is a snapshot of the activity that has taken place in the market for the particular day. A highly valuable tool in any trader's arsenal, the Bhav Copy shows important data like the Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Last Traded Price for every scrip & contract.

You can use it to observe activity taking place in any particular scrip or across the broad market, as it contains End Of Day (EOD) details of the entire market.

With some basic knowledge of spreadsheet tools, traders can use the daily Bhavcopy to make their own calculations and charts including correlations, moving averages, breakouts among others or even apply their own formulas as they see fit!

To make it easier for all traders & investors, we have hosted the Bhavcopy for all the 3 major exchanges online in one place.

Traders can download the Bhav Copy from the Samco Bhav Copy page from 1st April 2016.



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