Listed IPO

Listed IPO

It’s time to overview some of the Listed IPOs in India. As the New Year has begun, Investors are taking out time to analyze the results and returns of their current investments. It would help them in evaluating their decisions and plan their monthly IPO calendar. The right course is to learn more about the financials of these companies before blocking money for any IPO. Indeed, it is a tough job but that is the fun of investing in an IPO.

As we go through the list of the latest IPOs, we find names of several companies that have prepared themselves to offer their shares to the public. It would convert their status from private to public and from unlisted to listed companies. If we glance at the listings of IPO today, we would find the current listing price of these shares and can compare them with their IPO price. It will help in making a comparative analysis report and understanding how many returns these listed IPOs are offering to their investors.

Take a look at the IPO listing today and compare the returns your IPO investment is offering currently. Based on its business plans and financials, decide on whether you want to hold your investment or book profit/loss on it. The above-mentioned information gives you a fair idea about the latest IPOs listed on the stock exchanges and their performance since their listing date.

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