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How To Check IPO Allotment Status

Recently, many companies have released their Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in the stock market. With companieslike Mamaearth and Nykaa entering the game, people are looking forward to investing with much enthusiasm. Once they have applied for an IPO, they eagerly await its allotment. However, allotment is a lengthy procedure one must be aware of before delving into this idea.

Some aspects of IPO allotment are nevertheless fascinating and make it a viable investment option. Thus, we are hereby explaining the process of allotment and how one can check IPO Allotment Status online or offline.

What Happens in an IPO Allotment?

Before you check the status of the IPO allotment, a specific process is followed for allotment. In order to understand how allotment works, we need to get apprised with this process.

The following are the steps in the same-

Bullet point iconThe company issuing the IPO sends out the relevant documents related to the current IPOs. It is vital that potential investors are informed well about the company. This also makes them aware of the requirements for issuing IPOs and their allotment. These documents are only accessible to potential investors for a brief period of time. This time frame is known as "book-building."

Bullet point iconThe IPO issuing business may issue more or fewer shares than initially planned. This depends on the volume of applications received during the book-building phase. In other cases, if there isn't enough interest, the IPO is even canceled.
Companies issue IPOs so that they get investors for their companies. They have specific targets in mind. So, for example, if some companies fail to obtain enough applications to meet their initial target amount, they may cancel an IPO.

Bullet point iconThe IPO issuing company or business then makes an announcement regarding the number of shares that will be sold in accordance with the IPO listing. This announcement also includes which brokerage houses (if any) will be permitted to sell these shares at that time.
At this point, it gets late to join the IPO list. If you wish to invest, you will have to wait until it actually occurs.

How Does IPO Allotment Work in Under Subscription?

Every investor receives their entire allocation, regardless of the size of their application, if the total demand for shares is lower than the number of shares available in the retail segment.

Before we jump into checking IPO Allotment Status, we must understand that if there is insufficient demand for an IPO, people think that it is possible that it will not make a good investment.

In this case, one investor might get influenced by others and opt out of buying that IPO. Instead of following the crowd, investors must try to understand the company's business strategy. Sometimes people need to conduct a proper study. Investors should exercise their own judgment before submitting an application for an IPO.

In this way, they can put aside short-term losses to focus on the more extensive agenda.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status Offline

If you need to check IPO Allotment Status offline, it can be done easily. You simply need to reach out to the broker of your Demat account. He will be able to let you know if you have been allotted an IPO or not.

If you wish to check the status through your regular bank account, you can go to the nearest branch of the bank. If the amount of the IPO is debited from your bank account, you will get the allotment. After this, you will receive an SMS update from your bank with the details of deduction.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status Online

Checking IPO Allotment Status offline can be a little inconvenient. A better option is to do it from the comfort of your home, college or workspace. This can be done in two ways. The first method is to simply visit the website of Bombay Stock Exchange or the website of the IPO Registrar.

Here, you will be required to enter your Application Number or PAN or Demat Account Numbers. With this, you will be able tocheck IPO Allotment Status. However, if you are a first-time investor, this process can be a little confusing for you. We are here to make this easy for you by our advanced and technology-driven platform to track your IPO status.

Tools and Resources for Checking IPO Status

Through our IPO status check tool, you simply need to enter the name of the company, the real-time quote or amount invested in the IPO. After that, you also need to enter the time around which you had made the investment. Now all you need to do is to press calculate. You will be able to check the profit or loss on the stock for the said time duration. If you had invested to check the profit or loss earned on any IPO or any particular stock for a particular time frame.

This makes the idea to check IPO Allotment Status easy while also allowing you to check the profit or loss earned on the IPO you purchase. Not only this, this allows you to create your own personal index. Based on your IPOs, you can also analyze your trading and investing behavior.

How to Get IPO Alerts

Once you are allotted your IPO and you start preferring investing in IPOs, it is better not to miss out on any alert if any company releases their IPO. Our platform ensures you stay up to date with all IPO updates as one of the best online tools for the same. All you need to do is click the preferred IPO option and click “add to calendar.”

After this, you will get regular alerts on your registered email. It also allows you to decide which IPO to invest in based on its performance on NSE or BSE. This is done by providing you important information for your reference.

Investing for the first time in an IPO? Find the details of the IPO of any particular company by clicking on the name of the issuer. This will make your journey from buying an IPO to checking its allotment very easy.

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