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Calendar Information And How It Works?

What is an IPO calendar?

An IPO calendar is a simple calendar view designed to track the events of primary stock markets in India. It provides a schedule and timeline of current and upcoming IPOs in the market.

Many companies are coming up with their IPOs, and keeping track of them takes a lot of work. In the calendar view, you can access the date-wise IPO activity of these companies, including the openings, closures, allotment status, and listings.

IPO Calendar Glossary

IPO Opening

IPO opening is a day when the stocks become available to the general public for investments. After deciding the prices and number of stocks, the companies decide on an official date to launch their IPOs in the market.

Professional investors can buy these stocks before their launch if they have a special connection with the management. The pre-investments are generally risky with more significant amounts of capital.

IPO Closing

IPO closing refers to the completion of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). It is the date when the common stocks of a company issued as IPOs are sold to the underwriter. In simple words, IPO closing is a day when the public offering is closed, and stocks are no longer available for sale to the public.

Allotment Status

The IPO allotment status is a detailed guide on the number of shares allotted to an investor in the primary stock market.

Who publishes the IPO allotment status?

IPO allotment status is calculated based on the allotment documents. The registrar of the IPO publishes it on their website once the allotment is done. The investors are also informed about the allotment status by NSE, BSE, NSDL, CDSL, or through SMS and emails.

You can check it by logging in at the NSE or BSE website or visiting the official registrar’s website. The entire allotment process is wrapped within a week of the release date of IPO openings.

IPO listing date

IPO listing dates provide information about companies listing out their shares in the primary stock market as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). These listings include IPO prices, the face value of the stock, websites where the IPO is listed, their opening and closing dates, lot size and the name of underwriters.

The importance of the IPO calendar for companies

Initial company offering (IPO) helps the company to raise funds for their capital. Among the increased paperwork, financial disclosures, and price setting, the task to announce dates to the public can become overwhelming.

By listing the important dates on IPO calendars of trusted tracking sites, these firms reduce the cost of branding.

The Importance of the IPO calendar for investors

Through the IPO calendar, investors gain the knowledge of upcoming IPO listings beforehand. They can track the important dates and compare among the pricings and face value of all the companies to choose the best investment for themselves.

The information disclosed in IPO listings help the investors to analyze the popularity and accountability of the companies and their underwriters, which is vital to understand whether the IPOs will generate profits or losses.

What are the major IPOs of 2023?

According to the information presented on SEBI, nine major companies have lined up to raise capital funds through their IPOs. These include LIC, API holdings, Bharat FIH, FabIndia, Oyo, Yatra online, Aadhar housing finance, Mankind pharma, and Ixigo.

The activities of these seven companies will be listed in the IPO calendar 2023 on all the major trading websites and IPO news sites.

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How to track IPO activity in India?

You can keep an eye on the corporate actions and primary activities by following the IPO calendar of Samco Technologies. It is a trusted site that provides tracking information for all the IPO events, including opening, closing, listing, publication of allotment status, and other essential data.

Samco is an award-winning stock broker known for its investment sites that provide factually accurate data. You can also track market holidays in the IPO calendar 2023 and receive email notifications for events by highlighting them through the “Add to calendar” option. With Samco, you will never miss out on any important market details.

The site also provides a function of performance tracking along with the calendar where you can get information on profits and losses of the companies, everyday highs and lows, and their current price and issue price. This helps to understand which IPOs are bound to generate profits and prove beneficial for its investors.

Check out their other dedicated sections to access many other tools and resources to know more about IPO if you are a beginner.

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