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Imagine you love a particular product or service, and you want to tell your friends about it because you think they'll love it too. Well, some companies have a "Refer and Earn" program, which means if you refer your friends to try out that product or service, you get rewarded for it. Here's how it works: You sign up for the program, and you get a unique referral link or code. You share this link or code with your friends, family, or anyone you know who might be interested. If someone clicks on your link or uses your code to sign up or make a purchase, the company knows that you referred them. And guess what? You get a reward! The more people you refer, the more rewards you can earn. It's like a win-win situation. Similarly, as the modern financial landscape continues to evolve, individuals seek innovative ways to augment their income and explore new investment opportunities. Samco Securities, a investment platform, has Refer and Earn Program, providing a win-win situation for both existing users and their friends. This article delves into the refer and earn program offered by Samco, guiding you on how to make the most of this lucrative opportunity.

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Referral Benefits for You with Samco Refer and Earn

Samco's Referral Program offers three compelling benefits to users who wish to refer and earn money by referring their friends to join the platform:

1. Gift Vouchers and cash bonus: Once your friend opens a Samco account and starts investing, you will receive gift vouchers/ cash bonus as a token of appreciation.

2. 10% Brokerage Sharing for Life: For each referral, you will receive a 10% brokerage sharing on your referred friends' trades, continuing indefinitely.

Referral Benefits for Your Friend with Samco Refer and Earn Program

Samco's Referral Program also extends benefits to your referred friends, making it even more enticing for them to join Samco while you refer and earn:

1. Zero Cost for Opening Demat Account: Your friend can open a demat account on Samco at no cost.

2. Zero Demat AMC for the 1st Year: The first year of maintaining a demat account comes with zero annual maintenance charges.

Refer and Earn Through Samco App

Samco provides an enticing Refer and Earn program, offering gift vouchers/ cash incentives when you refer your friends to their platform. To get started, log in to the Samco app using your account credentials. From the home screen, navigate to the referral tab. Next, share the referral link with your friends through any social media channel. Once your friends sign up using the link and submit their personal details, they will be marked as your referrals. Alternatively, you can directly submit your friends' contact details on Samco's referral page, and they will handle the onboarding process for you. All you need to do is complete your own Samco account application and claim the referral benefits. Follow these steps to refer your friends if you’re a non-Samco user:

Step 1: Visit the referral page of Samco and enter your personal details like your name, mobile number and email iD.

Step 2: Select your friends to refer from your mobile contacts or enter their name and mobile number manually. You can add up to 5 friends at a time.

Step 3: Your friends will be informed by Samco that they have been referred by you and will be directed with the steps to open their demat account.

Step 4: Once your friends signs up, they will be marked as your referrals and you will be eligible for the rewards.

That’s it! You have successfully referred your friends to Samco. Start referring your friends today and enjoy the benefits of the Samco referral program. Don’t miss this opportunity. To join the Samco referral program, visit the referral page and follow the simple steps.


Samco's Refer and Earn Program opens doors to lucrative benefits for both existing users and their friends. By participating in this program, individuals can unlock a plethora of advantages, from gift vouchers/ cash bonuses to long-term brokerage sharing. Embrace this opportunity to build a strong network, make the most of your investments, and experience financial growth with Samco. So, refer your friends today and embark on a rewarding journey of mutual success! *Read T&Cs of Samco’s Referral Program → Disclaimer:

INVESTMENT IN SECURITIES MARKET ARE SUBJECT TO MARKET RISKS, READ ALL THE RELATED DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY BEFORE INVESTING. The asset classes and securities quoted in the film are exemplary and are not recommendatory. SAMCO Securities Limited (Formerly known as Samruddhi Stock Brokers Limited): BSE: 935 | NSE: 12135 | MSEI- 31600 | SEBI Reg. No.: INZ000002535 | AMFI Reg. No. 120121 | Depository Participant: CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-443-2008 CIN No.: U67120MH2004PLC146183 | SAMCO Commodities Limited (Formerly known as Samruddhi Tradecom India Limited) | MCX- 55190 | SEBI Reg. No.: INZ000013932 Registered Address: Samco Securities Limited, 1004 - A, 10th Floor, Naman Midtown - A Wing, Senapati Bapat Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400 013, Maharashtra, India. For any complaints Email - Research Analysts -SEBI Reg.No.-INHO0O0005847

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