What is Candlestick Analysis? – Video in Hindi

Candlestick Analysis in Hindi Video Playlist What Is Candlestick Chart? | Candlestick Analysis | Candlestick Patterns in Hindi|Technical Analysis How to Identify Candlestick Patterns | Candlestick Patterns in Hindi | Candlestick Analysis | Samco How to Identify Reversal in Stock Prices |Hammer Pattern Candlestick|Hanging Man Candlestick Pattern Use Inverted Hammer […]

Spotlight of Stocks | YouTube Videos

Video Playlist IEX Monopoly | IEX Share Price | Investment | MultiBagger| Must Watch If Holding in Portfolio[Hindi] Asian Paints – Really a Paint Company? | Multi-Bagger | RK Laxman | Compounding | Stock to Watch Suzlon Energy:-Should You Hold or Not? | Tulsi Tanti | Sun Pharma | Dilip […]

Trading and Investing Strategies | YouTube Videos

Trading and Investing Strategies  More than 90% traders and investors don’t make money in the stock market. One major reason behind this is that they don’t have a well-defined strategy. We at Samco bring to you simple yet effective trading and investing strategies. These strategies are used by many stock […]

List of Best Stocks to buy in India 2022

Best Stocks to buy in India 2022 The best stocks to buy today are those that are long-term sustainable compounders and can grow and compound value over time. The best stocks to buy are those that have the following qualities: Great Return on Capital employed High growth companies A debt-free […]

How You Can Pick the Best Stocks to Buy Today 2022

The most important question on every market participants mind daily is which are the best stocks to buy today. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced investor or novice trader. Everyone is looking for the best stocks to buy today. You can find several articles online that give you the […]

How will the Markets Perform in 2021 ?

To know your future, you must know your past. We have entered a new year and a decade. We know that Sensex moves up over a long period. It’s good to see how Sensex performed over the last year or decade. But that’s not enough. Smart investors must also look […]