SENSEX 100,000 by April 2024?? | My BOLDEST Call on Sensex Today | 1 Lakh on BSE Sensex

Do you think Sensex has the potential to reach 100,000 by April 2024? If you go by what history suggests then there is a bright possibility of S&P BSE Sensex touching 100,000 by April 2024. Watch this whole video to find out more about it.
We’re certain that you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the things Apurva has revealed in this video. To start with, Apurva draws our attention to growing GDP of India. Its expected that our GDP will grow at the rate of 8-10%in coming 2-3 years. Sensex is a combination of best managed Indian companies will grow faster than our GDP. He uses ratios like Price to Earning (PE)and Earnings Per Share to show how Sensex 100,000 could be a possibility by April 2024. Along with this he also shows a long-term chart of Sensex from 1990. Sensex goes through greed and fear cycles. Greed pulls the Sensex up and fear pushes it down. The greed and fear cycles are repetitive in nature. Sensex is currently in the greed phase and will stay there till April 2024. Thus, the possibility of Sensex touching 100,000 is high in this greed phase. That’s not all. He further shows how old economy stocks that cater to basic human needs like food, clothing and shelter perform well in greed phase. On the other hand new economy stocks do better in fear phase. Apurva has further taken stock examples which perfectly follow the greed and fear cycle. He talks about RelianceIndustriesTataChemicalsTataSteelCenturyTextileGrasimL&TTata PowerSiemensIndianHotels and ACC. It really doesn’t matter in today’s date if you’re an investor or a trader as market is going to be in a greed phase for next 2-2.5 years. Thus,you must concentrating more on old economy stocks for better returns. Apurva also suggests that you must use dips to add stocks as markets are in greed phase until April 2024. We hope this video will help you build wealth with Samco and Sensex while its on it’s path to 100,000.

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