How to Place an Order using StockPlus?

Read about How to Place an Order using StockPlus?

After you pledge your shareholding (If you want to know how to pledge read this blog), next step is to check your collateral margin in your Samco App/ Web.

Below are the steps on how you can check the collateral margin which is been generated:

  1. Login to your Samco App/Web
  2. Click on Funds
  3. Under Quick Stats you can see Collateral Margin.

Under Collateral Margin your pledge amount will get added for you to start trading.

After collateral amount is been add in your account, next step is to place a order to start trading.

Below how you can place order using Margin Against Shares:

  1. Select the stock you want to start trading in
  2. Click on buy
  3. Select the order type NRML if you to place derivative order or MIS if you want to place intraday order
  4. Select the order type
  5. Enter the Quantity
  6. Click on Quick TradE and your order is successfully placed using Margin Against Shares – StockPlus

That’s all its that easy to start using your shareholding and mutual funds units for the greater good. So know you know what’s to be done so start placing your trades using Margin Against Shares – StockPlus

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