What is a Settlement Holiday?

Settlement holiday means when stocks markets are open but settlement of your trades do not take place as per the usual T+1 cycle, because either the depositaries (NSDL and CDSL) are closed or the banks are closed on respective day. In simple words, Settlement Holidays occurs due to bank holidays […]

How to track Active stock SIP on Samco App

To track your active stock SIP orders, follow below given steps Step 1: Click on the Orders Step 2: Then click on Smart Orders Step 3: Here you will see GTT and SIP options, toggle the button to SIP Step 4: In the Active session, you will see all your […]

How to modify stock SIP on Samco App

To modify stock SIPs, follow these steps: Step 1: Click on Orders Step 2: Click on Smart Orders Step 3: Toggle the button on SIP Step 4: Click on the active stock SIP card. Then a pop-up will appear. Step 5: On the pop-up, you will see modify button in […]

How to create a stock SIP on Samco App?

To create a stock SIP, follow these steps: Step 1: Search for the stock you want to invest in Step 2: Click on Start SIP Step 3: Enter the desired quantity and date of your investment Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions and click on start SIP Step 5: […]